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About Me

Name: James "Christopher" Underwood

Nicknames: Chris, Evil Iz.
(For those of you unsure WHAT an evil iz might be feel free to email me here: and ask!)

D.O.B: 12/6

Location: Riverside County, California, USA, Earth (third planet from Sun in the Milkyway Galaxy)

Parents: Yep, two. Both alive and well.

Siblings: 1, sister, also alive and well.

Pets: Two dogs: Zelda the Grand and Scratches the Ragged.

Piercing: No

Tattoos: Yes, two. Evil Iz on leg and Ornate cross, also on leg.

Fave Music: Indy

Photography has always been something I was interested me, from being young and looking at them to getting older and wanting to take them! The attraction was unquestionable.

I started out in high school using the school' Pentex. Sports events, a few candid's around campus and I had the bug. I moved to my mom's Minolta, taking photos for the school newspaper and the year books. (Click HERE to see some of my early photos.)

By the time I was 18, and owned my first camera, I never passed up an opportunity to shoot a scene. I even landed several photos in our local paper, The Perris Progress (Click HERE to view a newspaper shot.)

In college, I majored in Photography, studying not only 35 mm photography by broadening my palette by adding the medium format Photography 4x5.

During college I was asked by a friend how much I would charge to take photos of a wedding. Stunned, never having thought I could actually make money doing what I loved, I sat down with him and came up with a price we could both live with. That was the beginning...

I have since taken every opportunity to photograph things that catch my attention. I have reasonable prices, and I am willing to work with people on what "THEY" want in a photo. Something, I feel, is missing in the mass market of "Click and Run" photographers.

If you have any questions I haven't covered here, please feel free to write and ask!

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