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Child Portraits

First Shot In Photo Class
The above photo was the beginning.
The first photo I took in photography class.
Click on it to see the entire shot

Ahh, humble beginnings!
Hello and Welcome to my photo site. Within you will find samples of my work. Some for sale, some not. You will find my prices, my resumes and my references. But, most of all, you will find my love of photography. I have set up this website to share that love with all of you.

Several of the photos are for sale. These will be designated by this For Sale symbol. Of course, there are times when a photo you think just has meaning to you may strike the fancy of someone else so, if you see a photo you would like to buy a copy of that doesn't not have this symbol, please feel free to email me with the number supplied on the upper right hand corner of the page.

You will note there are no Codes on the upper right hand corner on any of the Child Portraits. This is because none of them are for sale. Please, don't bother writing and asking. My goal when dealing with kids is first and foremost, to keep them safe! You will never see your child's name on my website. I have a firm policy (click HERE to read Child Photo Policy). when dealing with child photos.

All photo copies will come from the original negative. Photos marked with this symbolDigital Photo are digital photos. The original photo disk will be taken to a professional photo lab and printed up. You will NEVER receive a photo from me that was printed up on my home printer!

So, come in and look around. I welcome feedback, both on my photos and the website itself! My email address can be found under the Contact Me link to the left.

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