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J. Christopher Underwood
3543 Amberly Lane
Perris, California
909 553 6055


To acquire a position that not only incorporate all of my past skills but will offer growth and advancement.

Detailed work, managing, ordering supplies, register, stocking shelves, pulling of stock on and off of floor, forklift (licensed), walker stacker knowledge of Fuji Frontier 390 (Feel free to inquire for explantation of any of my skills)

Walmart, Lake Elsinore, CA                                         1994-Present
Stocker, Cashier, Photo Lab Manager
As Lab Manager, was in charge of all paper work, supply ordering, and training on the running of the Mini-lab processor for colored photos. Handled large volume of customers while working on cash register. As stocker, restocked various products on a nightly basis.

Walmart, Colton, CA                                                     1992-1994
Shoe Department and Photo Lab
Stocked and handled customers in shoe department. Learned the processing and running of colored photos using a Mini-Lab Processor.

Castle Amusement Park, Riverside, CA                          1989-1992
Ride Operator
In charge of the running, cleaning, and light maintenance of various park rides.

Starcrest, Perris, CA                                                    1988-1989
Warehouse Worker
Pulled orders, counted stock and assisted with inventory.

Riverside Community College, Riverside, CA                     1991-1994
Major: Photography
Equipment Used: Minolta X370 35mm
                         Minolta PRG+ 35mm
                         Speed Graphic Graphlecs 4x5

Professor's: Jess Gonzales
                    Bill Kinder
                    Mike Waterman

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