J. Christopher Underwood
3543 Amberly Lane
Perris, California 92571
(909) 553 6055

To acquire an assisant position in photograhy that wil utilize both my academic training and my experience. My ambitions are to eventually work my photography into the movie industry and become a Still photographer.

*Manual B&W Film Development          *Manual Printing
*Manual Mounting                              *Operation of Mini-Lab Processor
*Knowledge of 4x5 cameras and medium format
*Professional work done at weddings, family portraits, and freelance photos sold to newspapers
*Copy Work

*1988-1989 Freelance Local Paper (Perris High School)
*1993- Wedding
*1993- photographed a resturaunt fire (Freelance Perris Progress Newspaper)
*1993- photographed a car garage fire (Freelance Newspaper Perris Progress Newspaper)
*1994- photographed local model for her portfolio
*1994- Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball shoot for Trading cards
*1997 (on going)- started photographing a Band called "THE CAUSE"
*1998- (on going) photographed band: "Wailing Wall"
*2000- had 2 photos printed in two different books 1. Journeys End, 2. Best photos's of 2000.
*2000- Wedding
*2000-2002 photographed another band called "RAKIT"
*2001- Gothic Beauty Magazine (photo inside)"Rakit"
*2002- Rock City News (Cover and photo inside) "Rakit"

Riverside Community College, Riverside, CA                     1991-1994
Major: Photography
Equipment Used: Minolta X370 35mm
                         Minolta PRG+ 35mm
                         Speed Graphic Graphlecs 4x5
Professor's: Jess Gonzales
                    Bill Kinder
                    Mike Waterman